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Hi , my name is

Jonas Kgomo.

I am a software developer.

I am currently based in Istanbul and enjoy building things that live on the internet.

Shortly after graduating from BSc. Mathematics at Istanbul University, I joined the engineering team at XR First where I got to work on a variety of Mixed Reality projects and tools on a daily basis.

I dedicate my education life to studying quantum information. Currently I'm searching for Phd in this field. Leisures involve photogrammetry, gaming and coding.

Here's a few programming languages I work with:

  • QISkit
  • JavaScript
  • LaTex
  • HTML & CSS
  • React
  • C#
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PyQuil
  • Python

Where I've Worked

I am available for contract work, remote and full-time job.

Mentor @ QLatvia

April 2019 - Presemt
  • QMentor for Quantum programming workshop
  • Three-day long quantum programming workshops in Eastern Europe and the Balkan states from May to August 2019.
  • Presenting Jupyter notebooks using qiskit library

Some Things I Write

Grover Search

Jonas Kgomo | 2018-12-23

Assume I hide a ball in a cabinet with a million drawers. How many drawers do you have to open to find the ball? Sometimes you may get lucky and find the ball in the first few drawers but at other times you have to inspect almost all of them. So on average it will take you 500,000 peeks to find the ball.
  • Quantum
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Algorithms
  • Grover
Caustic Shareables

Jonas Kgomo | 2018-12-23

Shareable Caustics are a class of interactive methods for objects in mixed reality. In the desire to understand the extended reality ecosystem for an open, interoperable and cross-platform file type for 3D interactables. A standard for sharing 3D objects,audio or text files combined with specific interaction.
  • Shareables
  • Open AR Cloud
  • Mixed
  • Reality
Unconventional Computing

Jonas Kgomo | 2014-03-23

Computation has a limit, that benchmark changes regularly according to different regimes. What can we learn from biology solving largely intractable problems of computing. Since everything is computing, it is better to start looking at information processing in different regimes.
  • Biology
  • Deep-Tech
  • Computing
  • Quantum
  • Astrophysics



Raven is a social-network for finding dev teams, jobs and academic articles.

Experiment on sharing academic and code content with strong type-setting

  • JavaScript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Twitter
  • Rich-Text
  • JS
Simulacra VR

Developing virtual reality music instrument app that lets you create and play music

  • C#
  • Pure Data
Academy Youtube

Small React project to help developers find playlists of programming language videos via the YouTube API.

  • React
  • Redux
  • YouTube API
Oarystis VR

Building VR application for coral reef awareness by exploring Underwater Archaeology .

  • VR
  • C#